To quote a very bad commercial, I have been a global nomad.  With a past.  Nothing too juicy but definitely worthy of discarding.  As life decided to throw me for a loop a few years back in the guise of a particularly nasty hurricane and a father with quickly progressing Alzheimer’s, not to mention the other small daily nightmares, I decided to go for the ride, rather than rail against it.  Back in school, back in love, and with a new plan, a mid-life change.  Not crisis. No longer shaving against the grain, I find that the tough things are still tough, but only of their own accord and not because I have gone out of my way to make everything just that much worse by indulging in my own self-gratifying/pitying neuroses.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still satisfactorily neurotic.  It wouldn’t be fun to read any of this if I were not.  This blog is about everything and everyone: life politics, relationships ,teaching, learning, geology, music and words, words, words. The writings are mostly mine, but will include many others.

This blog is the result of my recent foray into the world of the digital.  I have also done a complete 180 in life. To start over again in one’s late thirties takes a few things:  a need for change, a certainty that it is time for that change, and a set of brass ones.  This is the continuing journal of that journey, with a little funny thrown in from time to time.  Mostly, it is a place for me to write, as I have always done, but with purpose.  You will find here a travelogue, or a journal, a joke, or a photo I love.  Even the occasional recipe and wine blurb as cooking is my therapy.  It is life, quite simply; the verbal representation of the myriad thoughts, fears and day to day experiences of someone who is, for all intents and purposes, starting over, once more, with feeling.

So, sit back and enjoy.  If you don’t, then there is a little x at the top right or left of your screen.  Just double click there and be done with me. 🙂

For those of you who decide to stay, welcome.

5 thoughts on “About

      • That’s sweet. In our teens, I always wished I could write like you (and remember dates the way you do). I look forward to following you.

      • And I read your pieces today and always seem to forget to tell you how beautifully you write (have always) and how seldom, if ever I ever told you that.

  1. Well hello dear… I am here to say it is time to dust off the cobwebs! Seriously, I am all alone over here in Thailand and need to be able to peruse your inner grey matter when the hours are too antisocial for me to call.

    And I am hoping this will be the wonderful golden switch with which to whip you in action:

    I am nominating you for a Liebster award. I am proud to say I am pretty darn sure you meet the <200 followers requirement. (I do too, despite what my FB page says, they count twitter followers which I don't think actually counts, a link within a link and all that).

    I know what you are thinking… a what?!? That was my reaction too. It's one of those viral awards that someone gives you and you then can chose to nominate people.

    Here is a link to a post [http://multilingualmama.com/2012/12/20/flattered-and-grateful-despite-mysterious-origins/] I wrote which includes the 'to dos' like answering a series of questions.

    Take part S, if only for me. And know you have a fan over here in the big Mango. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013! xo

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